Welcome to Essential You

I believe we need to be an advocate for our own health. 

My name is Joanne Wilhelm and I own Essential You!

I live in Hanover, Ontario with my husband Bob.  I retired from my career as a hairstylist in 2016 so I could focus more on educating others with Natural Health options.

I started learning about natural health options when my husband was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy.  I was looking for something to support his symptoms and I found doTerra Essential Oils.  These precious oils are natures medicine and I couldn’t believe how effective they are without the side effects of medication.  This started me on a path to learn more about how our body can heal itself.

I have learned that when you put the body in the right environment, your body will heal.

The more I leaned, the more I wanted to know. I have gone on to become certified in BodyTalk (a health care system), Reiki,  NLP, reflexology, access bars, ATT, just to name a few.  I have seen miraculous healing and my passion continues to thrive.

Essential You is committed to supporting health and wellness.





“When I started using the oils I was blown away by how effective they were, to say the least!
They have supported our family’s emotions, aches and pains, as well as our immune systems. I will never be without doTERRA essential oils, or the other products! I was skeptical when I started using them, but I am a true believer in the power of these oils, and I believe it is because they are so pure, potent, powerful and safe! They are like no other!
joanne beattie
“I look forward to my regular BodyTalk sessions with Joanne. I first met Joanne when she taught Aroma Touch Massage. At that time, I was just getting into using DoTerra Essential Oils. I prefer the alternative health options instead of medications whenever possible. Through regular sessions with Joanne she has been able to ’tap into’ my being, and has helped me work through life long issues that block positive energies. I’m definitely blessed to have Joanne Wilhelm in my life!!!”
mary lou thomson
“I love doing a BodyTalk with Joanne, because with her advanced emotional BodyTalk course and her natural gift of understanding people I always get amazing results. Joanne not only gets to the root of the problem but also to the root of your emotional state you are in, and leaves you wondering why you couldn’t figure it out yourself. That’s the additional gift she brings with her BodyTalk."
Marianne Timmerman
“My mom introduced me to Joanne at one of Joanne’s very informative classes and I was hooked. Doterra has given me a natural way to help myself and my family in so many ways. The oils have helped me with my migraines, toothaches, bodyaches, stress, menopause, anxiety, etc. Whatever ails you there is an oil for it! I love the On Guard cleaning products…no chemicals! I am very thankful that Joanne got me started on Life Long Vitality! Joanne has been a huge help with any questions or concerns I have had! I am happier and healthier person and so is my family!”
kim walton
“I initially had a session of body talk to help with my neck and back pain. It was incredible to have relief after just one session. I was so excited with my results that my wife booked a session to deal with knee and foot pain. After two sessions with my neck and back, and my wife’s one session with her foot pain, we were well on our way to feeling better. After a month or so, we booked a couples session. It was incredible to watch and receive the energy movement that Joanne performed on both myself and my wife. It’s so hard to describe, but you could picture and feel large amounts of negative energy leave your body during our non invasive sessions. Joanne’s ability to identify and help move the energy’s in our bodies was absolutely incredible. We felt so much at ease both during and after the sessions. Much more relaxed and more in tune with what our bodies were saying. Joanne is unbelievably talented and we are so very fortunate to have been helped by her. We look forward to involving body talk with Joanne in the future should our bodies need it! ”
Forever grateful,
Greg & Kim Wilhelm