Welcome to Essential You

I believe we need to be an advocate for our own health. 

My name is Joanne Wilhelm and I own Essential You!

I live in Hanover, Ontario with my husband Bob.  I retired from my career as a hairstylist in 2016 so I could focus more on educating others with Natural Health options.

I started learning about natural health options when my husband was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy.  I was looking for something to support his symptoms and I found doTerra Essential Oils.  These precious oils are natures medicine and I couldn’t believe how effective they are without the side effects of medication.  This started me on a path to learn more about how our body can heal itself.

I have learned that when you put the body in the right environment, your body will heal.

The more I learned, the more I wanted to know. I have gone on to become certified in BodyTalk (a health care system), Reiki,  NLP, reflexology, access bars, ATT, just to name a few.  I have seen miraculous healing and my passion continues to thrive.

Essential You is committed to supporting health and wellness.





“I was diagnosed with brain cancer on April 1 2019. I had a stroke on the operating table. A month later I was diagnosed with neck cancer. I had six months of treatments at two different hospitals. Starting in February 2020 for 2 plus years I had seizures two to three times a month. My husband was diagnosed with cancer (stage 4 lung cancer) and he passed away on his 60th birthday in 2021. I was a mess!! Since coming to Joanne in January 2023, my speaking has been improving, because of the stroke I could not speak. It is almost a year since my last seizure. I am feeling so much better.
Debbie Seigfried
“I have had a couple of body talk sessions with Joanne. They are amazing. It’s hard to explain the shift of emotions and thinking that takes place. Joanne understands and explains things so that we can understand what is holding us back or creating unease within our bodies. Her intuitiveness and healing modality is absolutely mind blowing. Joanne has a vibrant personality she delivers information in a straightforward manner while still being respectful and kind. Leaving these sessions I have felt lighter mentally and have learned to look at life a little different. I can’t thank Joanne enough for sharing her abilities of healing with us.
Sheri Fortney
“My son and I have had a profound experience with Joanne with much needed time of healing. Our lives had been turned upside down many times in my sons 25 long years here. We both suffered from mental illness and suicidal thoughts on a regular basis. We no longer feel this way. The best way i can describe myself is I feel balanced for the first time in my life. Physically as well as mentally.

My son has type 1 diabetes as well as kidney disease and mental health with a diagnosis at 9 years of age of ADD After working with Joanne The kidney Dr. as well as the Diabetic team in London have been blown away at his test results. The Dr. even said to my son you even look different. Friends and family have been asking why such a profound change . His reply was I guess I am happy. I have never felt that before We both look forward to continuing our journey with Joanne. Neither of us will do life without Joanne. Best investment we ever made.”
Tracey Hammell
“I initially had a session of body talk to help with my neck and back pain. It was incredible to have relief after just one session. I was so excited with my results that my wife booked a session to deal with knee and foot pain. After two sessions with my neck and back, and my wife’s one session with her foot pain, we were well on our way to feeling better. After a month or so, we booked a couples session. It was incredible to watch and receive the energy movement that Joanne performed on both myself and my wife. It’s so hard to describe, but you could picture and feel large amounts of negative energy leave your body during our non invasive sessions. Joanne’s ability to identify and help move the energy’s in our bodies was absolutely incredible. We felt so much at ease both during and after the sessions. Much more relaxed and more in tune with what our bodies were saying. Joanne is unbelievably talented and we are so very fortunate to have been helped by her. We look forward to involving body talk with Joanne in the future should our bodies need it! ”
Forever grateful,
Greg & Kim Wilhelm