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This magical bar is a must have for everyone.
Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil with bamboo charcoal, pink and purple aquamarine powder for the swirl.
Awakening the dreams, romance and wonder within you, this amazingly energetic bar is excellent when finding your passion, replenishing your tired soul or supporting deep rest and sleep.
Ylang Ylang calms the nerves, deeply relaxing, soothing and sedative. Perfect for stilling the mind of its repetitive internal dialogue while offering support for fear, apprehension and inferiority.
Ylang Ylang is a potent aphrodisiac, awakening your sensuality, unveiling your passion and supporting your inner child. There is beauty everywhere and this bar reminds us.

All ingredients are natural, with no synthetic fragrance or colour.  I only use Essential Oils that support your health and wellness.

Check out the ingredients to avoid any known allergies.

Hand made soaps last longer if they don’t sit in water.  Use a soap dish that allows water to drain or a soap saver bag.