Loofah Exfoliant Bar (extra..loofah exposed on back)



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Exfoliation is so good for the skin. As we remove the dead layer of cells from our skin, our skin becomes more soft and smooth.
Using this amazing bar is an excellent choice as you clean your skin, nurture as well as exfoliate. This bar will also stimulate circulation while you use the bar.
This bar has a nice lather with Olive oil, Coconut oil, lard, castor oil and coconut milk. As well as the loofah, we have amazing Essential Oils…Lime, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Peppermint….absolutely amazing scent.
Lime is excellent for congestion as well as respiratory and lymph system. Emotionally Lime is the oil of zest for life. It puts a perk into your step…also great to remove toxins and supports you with toxic people in your life.
Bergamot is excellent for supporting skin issues. It also supports joint pain and muscle cramps. Emotionally it is the oil of Self-Acceptance and relieves feelings of despair, self-judgement and low self-esteem.
Ylang Ylang is great for distress, shock, heartbreak and fear. Emotionally is is the oil of the inner child and a powerful rememdy for the heart. It encourages play and restores childlike nature…more fun.
Peppermint is the bomb for tension, aches and pain, respiratory and gut issues. Emotionally it is the oil of the Buoyant heart….brings joy back to the heart and soul. It reminds us to rediscover the joy in our lives.