Relax and Unwind Collection with bath sack



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Relax and Unwind collection
Relax Bath Salt is fantastic to unwind. This beautiful combination has all on the salts as well as the added botanicals of Chamomile, Lemongrass, Orange Peel, Lavender, Rose Petals and Hibiscus Flowers. Excellent to calm after a long day as the salts soothe the tired body. Dissolve 1 tablespoon into your water for a beautiful spa experience.
Relax & Unwind
This amazing bar is fantastic to support muscle tension, aches, cramps. circulation and headaches. If you are experiencing pain…it is here to support you, With Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Coconut is so nourishing for the skin. With Cypress, Peppermint, Marjoram, Basil, Grapefruit and Lavender Essential Oils…these collectively calm, relax and release physical tension while offering comfort in times of grief and sorrow. Supporting us to move in harmony in mind, body, and spirit.
Stress Relief
This amazing bar is fantastic for stress. It supports our body to adapt to situations with a uplifting, invigorating and refreshing scent. Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Coconut milk, with added Essential Oils of orange, lavender, copaiba, spearmint, magnolia, rosemary, neroli and sweet gum…collectively this amazing bar supports our coping capacity and our anxiety. It provides support for chaotic environments and situations and it we tend to be an overthinker.
A great bar to reassure confidence, self-acceptance and trust….
Relax bath sack
A relaxing feeling as you nurture your body and enjoy the sensations of this beautiful spa experience. With Baking soda, citric acid, corn startch, blue food grade colour, added botanicals of Chamomile, Lemongrass, Orange Peel, Lavender, Rose Petals and Hibiscus Flowers, Cypress, Peppermint, Marjoram, Basil, Grapefruit, and Lavender Essential Oils. It soothes aches, pain and muscles as it supports the lymphatic system and relieves tired legs and feet. The ultimate experience.
Hand knitted cotton face and body cloth.

All ingredients are natural, with no synthetic fragrance or colour.  I only use Essential Oils that support your health and wellness.

Check out the ingredients to avoid any known allergies.

Hand made soaps last longer if they don’t sit in water.  Use a soap dish that allows water to drain or a soap saver bag.